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Looking forward to this spring’s session:

Basics Seminar

The Basics seminar is the foundation for counseling women biblically and is a pre-requisite for the Specifics seminar. You will be challenged to understand the biblical basis for women counseling women, what makes people tick, and the process of biblical change. Other topics include the three levels of problems, counseling sessions, sequencing, questioning, and homework.

The Basics Seminar is a three day conference where each participant will be challenged to understand the biblical basis for women counseling women, the authority and sufficiency of the Scriptures, the underlying causes of behavior, the steps in helping women who are engaged in sinful life patterns, and the process of real and lasting change. The Women Counseling Women Basic Seminar is helpful to anyone involved in teaching ministries or mentoring others one on one.

Specifics Seminar (Life Dominating Issues)

Women Counseling Women Specifics is a biblical counseling seminar that builds on principles taught in Women Counseling Women Basics. Speaker Debi Pryde has been counseling for many years and has a burden to teach and equip other women in ministry to counsel. To be eligible for this seminar, you must have already attended a Women Counseling Women Basics Seminar.

Airport Shuttles

For those ladies who are planning to fly in for this conference- Please note that we are able to offer a shuttle from MBS International Airport (Saginaw), Bishop International Airport (Flint), and  Gerald R. Ford International Airport (Grand Rapids). Because of staffing and scheduling demands we are not able to pick you up from Detroit. We can try to help you coordinate with other ladies who may be driving past Detroit, but if you must fly into this airport, it would be most advantageous to look into renting a car. We will be in contact a few weeks out from the conference with all those flying in to confirm arrival times, and then get back with you on the times we will be traveling down to pick you all up. We will be trying to group travelers together in order to make as few trips as possible. The shuttle fee is $50 (round trip).

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