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2018 Anticipated Attendance Form


Program Description

Summer 2018’s theme has yet to be revealed- but there is no doubt it will by exciting!

At CoBeAc, we focus on four elements of camp: No Distractions, Great Food, a Blast, and Spiritual Intensity! Hundreds of teens are challenged by preachers from all across the country to make decisions for salvation and Christian Growth!

Youth Pastors: The 2018 Anticipated Attendance Form is up and running- so fill out your form and lock-in a week for your Youth Group!


Registration begins Mondays from 2-4pm, with dinner being the first activity on the schedule.

Camp dismisses on Saturday at 9:00 A.M.

Youth Pastors

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2018 Anticipated Attendance Form

Next, point your kids to website to register individually through our online registration process.
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Online Registration

Offline Forms

Please Note: These forms are provided here to help aid offline applications and provide other important details for both parents and youth pastors.