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Program Description

This two week program is specifically designed to challenge high school campers in their personal Christian growth and equip them for effective ministry. The first week will include up to fifteen different sessions, interaction with godly leaders, and personal interviews to guide each individual in their spiritual walk. The second week will present each camper with opportunities to serve in the camp ministry in areas such as counseling, operations, and program. If you desire a heart for ministry and want to learn how to become an effective leader among your peers and those that look up to you, this specialized Leadership Camp is for you!

This summer, Leadership Campers will be having sessions with Matt Williams and Aaron Wilson. The theme of their sessions will be “Looking for the Leaders.” They will discuss, study, and discover the Biblical principles of leadership from a Biblical world view and how these principles should develop one’s ministry mindset. Training will include sessions where we will focus on teaching the Biblical principles of leadership, discussion groups for application of the principles, and case studies to instill application into real life situations.

What Campers Learn

  • Why be different
  • What difference can a leader make
  • Two views of leadership
  • Making different choices
  • What is Biblical friendship
  • Characteristics of a model friend
  • How to destroy a friendship


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Ask 3 adults, outside your family (one of them being your Pastor) to fill out and mail in the Reference form to camp.

Download and look over the Leadership Camp Guide so that when we talk next we can help you with any questions.

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Now just wait for us to contact you, soon we’ll be sending out homework for your preparation of Leadership Camp!


  • Regular: $385/camper
  • Early Bird: $375/camper if registered by March 7


  • Must be at least 16 years old or a 10th – 12th grader
  • Completed Application Form
  • Favorable references from friends and church leadership
  • A good reputation demonstrating spiritual, social, and emotional maturity

Contact Info

4925 South Reserve Road, Prudenville, MI 48651
Call Us: (989) 366-5162
Fax Us: (989) 366-4311
Email Us: yes2camp@cobeac.org

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