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2018 Anticipated Attendance Form


Program Description

Each summer Junior Campers need to grab bandannas, dust off your boots, and get ready to jump in your saddles. We’re headed out West to Boomtown at CoBeAc! We’re bound to make tracks toward a memorable week of camp while taking part in rip-roarin’ activities, and eating lip-smackin’ grub! But there’s more treasure than good times- we’re gonna find those eternal treasures from God’s Word- sweeter than gold!


The single, greatest discount may be applied to a camper’s balance.

Multiple children from the same family who register the same week are eligible for the Sibling Discount. The first child pays full price, and additional children pay only $200.

The early bird discounts apply only if the child registers by March 7 for $10 off (or if the church group filled in an Anticipated Attendance form and submitted or rolled over the $200 deposit for the group).

With a minimum of 10 campers, one sponsor may stay free of charge. With a minimum of thirty campers, two sponsors may stay free of charge. Housing for sponsor couples and families is limited.

A camper attending a second week of camp will receive a discounted rate of $175.


Camp opens for registration on Monday at 2:00 PM and continues till 4:30 PM. Departure is Saturday between 8:00 AM and 9:00 AM.

Youth Pastors

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2018 Anticipated Attendance Form

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Offline Forms

Please Note: These forms are provided here to help aid offline applications and provide other important details for both parents and youth pastors.