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CoBeAc Internship

Are you interested in getting practical hands-on experience at a growing Christian camp? Camp CoBeAc invests in up to five interns each year teaching all the aspects of Christian camping. We are seeking interns to serve in areas including program development, office management, business office, food preparation, retail supervision, and general services. We appreciate your interest and hope you will join us for this exciting program.


The purpose of the CoBeAc Internship Program is to develop leaders prepared to be hired for full-time work in a camp ministry setting. A qualified worker in the ministry is one who has developed a set of characteristics such as leadership, integrity, flexibility, and work ethic, as well as a set of practical skills that makes one profitable for the ministry. One of the goals of this program is to train such workers and send them out to do the work of the Lord.


We, the staff of CoBeAc and CBBI, have committed to a position of leadership in which we understand our role to teach and to admonish the interns in the practices of our specific departments.


Conveys the participant’s humble, servant’s heart and their commitment to do the work required in the role in which they are placed.

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Internship Application

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Download Internship Application
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